FASTBRACES® Technologies high-performance bracket systems are a revolutionary method of straightening crooked teeth that have been around for over 25 years. Treatment time for patients is dramatically reduced with their use. Instead of having to wear standard braces for up to two years, FastBraces can provide the same result in as little as three months.

The reason for this is the unique design of the FastBrace's brackets, the small metal pieces that are connected together by wire, that place pressure on the teeth to straighten them. FastBraces brackets are triangular instead of the traditional square. This simple change allows more pressure to be applied to the teeth to straighten them. Therefore, treatment takes less time.

FastBraces are available in 50 countries around the world and at our clinic.

Call our clinic today, we love to straighten out smiles.

Here is what some clients have told us about their experience with us:

Yesterday I went for a general cleaning. Teeth felt great afterwards. The people at Brownsville Dentistry are very considerate, caring about my dental health and well being. - Joan Walker G.

Thursday morning I had an appointment at 10:00 A.M. Upon entering the office I was met by one of the secretaries. Immediately a technician called my name and took me to a room where she x-ray my teeth. Afterwards the young doctor came in and checked my teeth and we had a small conversation concerning my health.  Afterwards a young lady came in to clean my teeth. Before departing I was given an appointment for Oct. 19.2017. Overall experience was exceptional. - Guadalupe L.

Best experience ever!!!! Everyone was very welcoming and made the dentist visit very pleasant. Definitely recommend!! - Janet P.


The staff and doctors (Carlos Diaz, DDS) were great, they showed knowledge and compassion for their practice. I was scared since it was my first Dentist visit, however, Dr. Diaz made sure that I had no pain by keeping constant communication during the procedure. I recommend Dr. Diaz at Brownsville Family Dentistry to anyone who has not been to the dentist in the past. - Agustin C.

Very nice staff, was in deep pain and they took me in right away. Excellent Service! - Krystal C.

Thank you to all your team this morning for the help and comfort I got! The experience was amazing after all I had gone through at the hospital, may God bless you all! - Idalia R.