Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns, bridges in Austin


Crowns are a restoration procedure that covers, or caps a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size.  A crown can be placed for a number of reasons:

- For support when there isn’t enough tooth remaining

- To restore fractured teeth

- To cover badly shaped or discolored teeth

- To cover a dental implant

Getting a crown involves two simple office visits. First, a dentist will prepare the tooth by removing the outer portion of your tooth to make room for the thickness of the crown.  Next, an impression is made to provide an exact model of the prepared tooth. This impression is then sent to the dental laboratory where your crown is custom made. While the permanent crown is being made, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth.

When the permanent crown is ready, one of our dentist puts it into place and makes any necessary adjustments. When you are happy with the appearance, the crown will be cemented into place. And that’s it! A beautiful smile thanks to a custom-made crown.


If you have missing teeth, a bridge can restore stability in that area.  Teeth were designed to complement each other and so a missing tooth can disrupt chewing, speaking and of course your smile. When a tooth is lost, the nearby tooth may tilt toward or move up or down the empty space. This places stress on both the teeth and the tissues in your mouth. The gum tissues and the bone that hold teeth in place can break down, increasing your risk of gum disease.

You can prevent that damage with a fixed bridge. They are stable because they are cemented into place and can only be removed by a dentist. The false tooth replaces the lost tooth and is attached to the two adjacent teeth that are crowned in order to provide support for the bridge.

We can provide you with a crown or a bridge to bring back the strength and beauty of your teeth.

Here is what some clients have told us about their experience with us:

The staff and doctors (Carlos Diaz, DDS) were great, they showed knowledge and compassion for their practice. I was scared since it was my first Dentist visit, however, Dr. Diaz made sure that I had no pain by keeping constant communication during the procedure. I recommend Dr. Diaz at Brownsville Family Dentistry to anyone who has not been to the dentist in the past. - Agustin C.

Yesterday I went for a general cleaning. Teeth felt great afterwards. The people at Brownsville Dentistry are very considerate, caring about my dental health and well being. - Joan Walker G.

Best experience ever!!!! Everyone was very welcoming and made the dentist visit very pleasant. Definitely recommend!! - Janet P.

Very nice staff, was in deep pain and they took me in right away. Excellent Service! - Krystal C.

Thursday morning, I had an appointment at 10:00 A.M. Upon entering the office, I was met by one of the secretaries. Immediately a technician called my name and took me to a room where she x-ray my teeth. Afterwards the young doctor came in and checked my teeth and we had a small conversation concerning my health.  Afterwards a young lady came in to clean my teeth. Before departing I was given an appointment for Oct. 19.2017. Overall experience was exceptional. - Guadalupe L.

Thank you to all your team this morning for the help and comfort I got! The experience was amazing after all I had gone through at the hospital, may God bless you all! - Idalia R.